Halloween Freebie – Wild Tiger Domino Mask

Download at MediaFire

Let out a Wild Roar with this cute Print & Cut version of Wild Tiger’s Domino Mask. The zip file includes a PDF version and PNG versions – one with guidelines and one without. I hope that all my fellow Tiger & Bunny fans will enjoy this!

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Maker Faire Wrap-Up with New Items

I had lots of fun selling at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire! There was so much going on with robotics teams and crafters ranging from embroidery artists to blacksmiths. Out neighbors were very sweet and it was just fun to see all the creativity here in the area. Below you can see the new items I debuted at the Faire – notebooks and bookmarks alike! These will be listed in the Etsy Shop this week along with wrap-up sale to clear out some of my excessive inventory.

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Table Display Preview for Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

My collection of Portal themed table displays for my space at the up-coming Atlanta Mini Maker Faire. I decided on a Portal theme since the organizer said that he loved my Portal merchandise. I have new items that will be debuting there so be on the look-out for a preview post and a recap post afterward.

My Etsy shop is currently on vacation to allow me to prepare, but you can visit my revamped art site in the meanwhile.

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New Products and upcoming site redesign

I’m going to be redesigning my craft site over the next week. Here is a little sneak peak at the changes –

I know it doesn’t look like much from this little preview, but it has a nice simple and clean design with fun features such as the gallery you see there.

First new product for this week, a Code Geass Bookmark. I like the simple but elegant Geass Sigil design.

And now for something completely different with a Thundercats Logo Minimark. Nothing like a little nostalgia, right?

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Character Collage – Chell and PotatOS of Portal 2

A brand new Character Collage is up for sale today at my Etsy Shop.

This Character Collage features abnormally determined Test Subject, Chell, and homicidal computer turned talking potato, GLaDOS, in Wheatley’s first Test Chamber from Portal 2. Crafted from 70+  pieces of custom die-cut cardstock, it took 7 hours to assemble the pair by hand in this adorable chibi style. Details such as Chell’s printed tank top and GLaDOS’ rhinestone eye add to the unique charm of this collage.

The collage measures 6″x6″ square – for reference, Chell is 4 2/3″ inches tall and PotatOS is only a 1/3 of an inch.

See the Etsy listing for this item for more information.

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Character Collage – Tiger & Bunny’s Nathan and Antonio

This is my first ever character collage – a new technique I just started using. The subject matter was requested for the Tiger & Bunny fanwork exchange. I think it came out rather cute myself.

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Blog Revival and New Items

I feel so terrible for neglecting this blog for so long! But with my excitement about Etsy and crafting renewed, so too is my desire to blog. I’ve done so much with My Shop that it would be almost impossible to cover it all. I’ve switched media almost completely, going from needlework to papercraft. Not to say that I’ve lost my love of stitching, just to say that currently, I’m finding it easier to create in cardstock.

I’m going to switch to a weekly format covering shop talk for the time being. Other features may come back, but I want to ease back into blogging. So, let’s talk about the new  items in my shop this week –

Bowser BookmarkSo, first we have a bookmark featuring the Bowser insignia from the Mario Bros. series. Nothing like a fun villainous design.

Space Invader BookmarkAnd next is a cute and classic Space Invader bookmark. This little guy is actually double-sided – he has another alien buddy on the back.

Heartless Check/Money HolderFinally, a little check/money holder card with the Heartless Symbol from Kingdom Hearts. I also have a Legend of Zelda version as well.

Hopefully, I’ll have more new items to show next week!

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Fandom Fridays – Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Fandom Fridays

Yes, I apologize for being neglectful of this blog. The holidays and a new job have distracted me. But I do want to make the effort so today we’re talking about one of my favorite games – Dissidia: Final Fantasy. A fighting game spin-off of the popular RPG series, it combines beloved characters with fast paced action for a gripping game. 

Click for full-size

I was recently involved in a gift exchange with other fans of the game. I received some wonderful artwork myself… but I did want to share what I gave here. This is an embroidered protrait of the Cloud of Darkness, the villianess of Final Fantasy III as she appears in Dissidia. I created her pattern in Inkscape and then printed her out on Transfer-Eze, a printable water-soluble stablizer. She was worked in back stitch, satin stitch and split stitch over 28 count cotton and measures  6.6 inches by 7.3. The beads were my own addition – a reference to her new outfit in the prequel, Dissidia 012.

I really hope to do more embroidery based on this game – I love the designs but many of them are so complicated… but I’ll do my best to try and do justice to one of my favorite games!

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Tutorial Tuesdays – Threadsheets

Tutorial Tuesdays

Something completely different for this week. Instead of Inkscape, we’re talking about… Spreadsheets. Not for finances, but rather for making an inventory of our embroidery thread. I like to call them Threadsheets and I find them to be a great way to know just what you have with a single glance.

I’m a big fan of digital patterns and motif collections over kits so that means I buy all of my thread separately. I need to be able to easily know exactly what I have at any time so that I don’t buy too many duplicates. This also helps when I’m designing and want to know what colors I have to work with. So let’s just take a quick overview of what a Threadsheet consists of –

You can click this image for a larger size version so you can take in all of the details. I organize my threads by the number but you could also do it by color if you found that to be a better fit for you. Those with grey backgrounds are particularly light colors which are hard to read on a white background.

Now, I only use DMC at the moment (even if I look at TheadworX with a great deal of drooling), but if you used threads from several different companies, you could easily make more sheets to organize those as well. The main reason I like this method is that it is easy and flexible. True, it requires a bit of work upfront to enter all of the numbers depending upon the size of your stash, but once it is set up it is simple to maintain.

And that’s why I’m giving away a blank Threadsheet file to get you started. All you have to do is enter the numbers of your DMC thread – it will automatically count how many you have and even give you an idea of what percentage of the 500 colors available you have. You will have to color the numbers yourself though.

Blank Threadsheet for Microsoft Excel

Blank Threadsheet for Open Office

I would love to hear some feedback about this idea – did you find it useful? Do you think it could be expanded or streamlined? Please, let me know!

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New Item – More Kuroshitsuji Handkerchiefs

New Item

Yes, the Kuroshitsuji handkerchiefs are back and now available to buy on Etsy! You can choose from either Ciel or Alois right now, but I plan to also add Sebastian and Claude soon. I also have some other handstitched ideas on the horizon as well as a completely new direction. Let’s just say that Santa is bringing me something nice and I can’t wait to play with my new toy…

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