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Anime Boston 2011
Yes, I am cosplaying Cooking Mama.

I grew up in a home where two things were true - Women made awesome crafts and women played kick-ass video games. My mother and my aunt introduced me to both crafting and gaming and I cannot thank them enough for creating an environment where both were celebrated. Because of them, I knew how to beat an RPG and wield a glue gun before leaving elementary school. While our tastes have changed, we're all still crafters and gamers in our own way. (I have FF1 installed on my Wii so my aunt can indulge in retro gaming when she comes to visit.)

Because of my unique situation, I've always felt comfortable being a gamer. A female gamer, yes - but a gamer first and foremost. My tastes run mainly towards RPG and puzzle games, but I enjoy everything from fighting games to rhythm games to visual novels. I do have a clear bias towards Final Fantasy though and make no efforts to hide that. I've been involved in the Final Fantasy fandom since I first knew it existed and my favorite games in the series are II, IV, VII, Tactics, Dissidia, and Crisis Core.

Just like with game genres, I've experimented with lots of different crafting media as this site's galleries indicate. But you can see that gaming, anime, and general geekery is my driving theme. To me, being a geek means that you have an intense passion for something. A game, a book, a TV series, a software program, a comic - it doesn't matter what it is, so long as you are a geek about something you will always have passion in your life.

And passion is a big part of crafting. When your work is filled with time, dedication, and passion, it will show. When crafters and fans share and bond together, we keep those creative sparks glowing bright. We help keep each other inspired, excited, and eager to try new things. I hope that I've inspired you in some way to try and create something of your own.

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