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My character collages started out as just an experiment, but I've come to really love them. They may be hair-pullingly frustrating at some points, but the end result is worth it. Because each one is so unique, I'm going to devote a page to each.
The first collage, done for the Tiger & Bunny fan exchange. The request was to have Nathan "Fire Emblem" Seymour holding hands with Antonio "Rock Bision" Lopez and I think I went a little overboard with the cuteness. Special features include the use of decorative feathers and flocking powder.
Kuja was my second collage. Quite the ambitious project for a second attempt but I can't say "no" to my darling patron, Toffee. Kuja's sparkle is created with glimmer mist, rhinestones, and plenty of good ol' fashioned glitter.
Chell was my third collage and my first to feature a background. While she doesn't feature a lot of special techniques or materials, the number of pieces involved still makes her an impressive piece.

You can see more of these collages in the Collage Gallery.

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