I enjoy engaging in a wide variety of projects with a large range of styles and media. There isn't just one way to encapsulate all the geeky things I love after all!

Papercraft - Cardstock is such a flexible medium, especially when combined with a programmable desktop cutter/plotter. I've made collages, bookmarks, notebooks, and other projects to show my fangrirl love.

Soap - Glyrecin soap can be color, scented and molded in a variety of ways, making for an interesting and ultimate useful way to recreate 3-dimensional objects such as Sea Salt Ice Cream and Rupees.

Cloth - Textile arts are an ancient craft, but each generation gets its chance to redefine it. Sprite-inspired cross-stitch and other projects are my way of doing so.

You can also visit the Project Gallery if you just want to see pictures of my work.

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