The idea of Rupee soap was one I had for a while, but I had to find just the right mold. Rupees have such a distinctive shape that if you get it wrong, they just don't look right. I'm very lucky to have found the proper shape for my Rupees and just love how easy they are to make.

When it came time to figure out the colors, I had to go with gorgeous mica colorants. They're completely safe and add such an incredible sparkle with swirls of color. After that, I had to decide on the scents. Somehow, the idea of pairing these bright, fun colors with delicious candy fruit scents works out perfectly.

What really makes them sell at cons though is my unique packaging - each Rupee is blind-boxed in a treasure chest and I play the classic Zelda "Item Found" noise when a customer opens their chest. Recreating the experience of the game in real life makes for some happy customers.

You can see more in the Soap Gallery.

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