Sea Salt Ice Cream Soap Pops

When I decided that I wanted to do a Kingdom Hearts cosplay, I knew that I would need to have some Sea Salt Ice Cream to carry with me. Now there were a number of ways I could have created it, but I found inspiration in the amazingly adorable soap pops by Soapy Love. So I went out, bought her book, and got to work making soap. I've been through a few molds at this point - right now, I'm using a silicone soap mold by Crafter's Choice. Because I've yet to find a mold that perfectly recreates the in-game models, I further sculpt and shape the soap by hand for a better match. It's a little extra effort, but I feel it makes all the difference in the world.

As does using a nice shea butter soap for my base. My own skin dries out really easily, so having an extra moisturizer is always a good thing. But I think that I love the scent most of all. It is the most wonderful summer scent, full of sea breezes and citrus notes and this irresistible pop of peppermint. I couldn't imagine this soap with another scent.

You can see more in the Soap Gallery.

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