Most of my items are papercraft. I really love the immediacy of papercraft - I can have an idea in the morning and a finished item by the end of the date. Plus, with all the colors, textures, and weights of paper available, you can achieve a wide variety of looks fairly easily.

Collages are the most labor-intensive papercraft I make. Some of these collages can have over 70 custom die cut pieces carefully layered together to achieve this cute and colorful look.
I've created so many different bookmarks, some just by cutting, others with layered pieces over cuts. No matter which technique is used, all my bookmarks have a distinct streamlined look and just a little shimmer.
My notebooks are both experiments in digital plotting and fully functional papercraft pieces. Little touches like unique fasteners really add to their charm.
I'm still learning all the in's and outs' of papercraft so I have some other projects I've worked on. I still always strive for colorful and useful items.

You can see more in the Papercraft Gallery.

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