I do prefer to conduct commissions via Etsy, but I'll still outline the general process here.

It's best to approach me with an idea already in mind. I can usually mix and match any of my premade designs - for example, putting one of my bookmark motifs on a notebook. If you want me to create an entirely new design, it is best to have references ready. The bigger and clearer the references, the faster I will be able to create your design.

I will create a digital mock-up of the design for you and will edit it until you are satisfied. I do require payment before creating the physical object though. This is preferably done via a Reserved Etsy Listing but I can do it via Paypal Invoice as well. Once paid for, I'll send you updates/photos while I work on the project as required. As soon as it is complete, I'll get it shipped out to you.

If you are interested in commissioning me, you can utilize my Contact Page or send me an Etsy Conversation.

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