Cross-stitch is a fairly old craft but I'm so glad that young crafters like me are finding ways to reinvent it. Video game sprite art translates perfectly to this style of embroidery as both are built around tiny squares of color.

Just because a design is small and simple doesn't mean that it has to be boring. I did a collection of 8-bit sprites stitched with variegated thread to create this lovely effect of interweaving colors. Small projects are actually my favorite - Quick, easy, and fun.
Making my crafts functional has always been important to me. Decorative pieces are fine, but they should do something as well. That's why I enjoyed showcasing my work within coasters.
My bibs were another way to make a piece cute and functional. While I loved the look of these, I'm not able to do any more Pokemon merchandise for certain reasons...

You can see more in the Cross-Stitch Gallery.

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