Bookmarks were my first venture into papercraft and were a good way to get started. Given that the majority are only a single layer, I do my best to use really good cardstock - I am exceptionally picky about the weight and the finish. The "window cut" style came about as something doable yet unique and striking. I take pictures of all of my bookmarks against dictionary pages to further emphasize the negative space of the designs. This Heartless bookmark is one of the very first designs I ever created and still one of my favorites.
Minimarks came about from my desire to use up all of the cardstock I was buying. In cutting my sheets to fit in my Silhouette, I was often left with small leftover pieces. When I found sleeves for miniature bookmarks, I knew exactly what to do. I'm a little more experimental with these designs since they don't require as much cardstock. I'm really proud of my Ouroborus Calling Card design since I was able to create it within a week of its appearance on Tiger & Bunny.
Eventually, I grew brave enough to do layered bookmark designs. My double-sided Portal bookmark is far and away my most popular design on Etsy even though it is one of the simplest in terms of the cuts. But really, it is usually the simplest, cleanest designs that get the most attention. (Okay, and Portal's popularity also might have something to do with it.)

You can see all of my bookmarks in the Bookmark Gallery.

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